Poquessing Partners

The Poquessing Watershed Partnership is a network of public, private, and nonprofit partners working to create and implement a watershed management plan that addresses water quality and quantity issues. These stewards are taking on stormwater management projects, municipal ordinance revisions, and public education and outreach events.


Address P.O. Box 63264
Philadelphia, PA 19114-8264
Phone/Fax (215) 638-0832
Website http://www.friendsofpoquessing.org/
Email FriendsofPoquessing@usa.net 


Parkwood Civic Association: The Parkwood Civic Association conducts clean-ups of neighborhoods and open spaces. Join them at one of their monthly meetings to find out how and where you can help out with neighborhood improvements. Other civic associations of the Poquessing that you can explore include Somerton, Walton, Normandy, and West Torresdale.

Bensalem Township: In coordination with the City of Philadelphia and the Fairmount Park Commission, Bensalem Township has the goal of implementing a system of trails along waterways within the township and is acquiring land and easements along the Poquessing Creek. Contact the Township to learn more about what you can do to promote trail development.

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation



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