About the SEPA Watershed Alliance

The Watershed Alliance of Southeastern Pennsylvania is focused on municipalities and their stormwater management programs.  Staff and representatives from the following types of organizations make up the Alliance; all are welcome:

  • Townships and Boroughs
  • Environmental Advisory Councils
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Businesses and other institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Universities
  • Utilities
  • Other interested stakeholders




The Watershed Alliance of SE Pennsylvania was launched in 2013 to bring together municipalities and other stakeholders facing stormwater management and watershed stewardship challenges.  The goal of the Alliance is to build upon the collective strength of municipal leaders to protect and restore quality of life through innovative stormwater management.

Pennsylvania Environmental Council is organizing Alliance activities with support from the Philadelphia Water Department and the William Penn Foundation.  Alliance activities are initially focusing on education and outreach events.  A longer term Alliance goal is to promote multi-municipal collaboration that leads to improved stormwater financing and watershed level project planning and implementation.

Examples of Alliance education and outreach events sponsored in 2014 include:

  • Four Municipal Good Housekeeping Workshops,
  • Organization of Stormwater Finance Panel for March 12, 2015 Saint Joseph’s University Stormwater Conference,
  • Joint workshops with Penn Future on new PA DEP MS4 and TMDL rules

Stay tuned for additional education and outreach events being planned for 2015.


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