Clean Your Water: A Helpful website to aid in MS4 Compliance


StormwaterPA is a great resource for finding information to help you reach MS4 compliance. The Clean Your Water section of the site provides resource pages for the local Wissahickon and Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watersheds. However, much of this information can also be used by other municipalities in other watersheds looking for MS4 compliance resources.

“StormwaterPA has come a long way over the years,” says Barry Lewis, Executive Director of GreenTreks Network, the non-profit that created the site. “It really began to promote a better understanding of low impact development ideas when PA DEP’s Stormwater BMP Manual first came out, and it has evolved to include a wealth of resources that focus not only on new development, but on redevelopment and retrofits, agricultural issues, green infrastructure and urban settings, and more. While our videos are great educational tools by themselves, the site is incredibly deep in detail…”


Clean Your Water website

Each watershed page asks either “Where do you live?” (By municipality) or “What is your role?” (Municipal official, resident, engineers & architects, developers & contractors, etc.)  From here, each link provides information for the targeted location or stakeholder. The Clean Your Water webpage from Stormwater PA provides a suite of resources such as Powerpoints, videos, ordinances, maps and other resources in each one of the links.


Wissahickon Clean Your Water Watershed Page

Additionally, for each watershed there is a calendar of events and a Twitter  feed.

Lewis explains, “Pennsylvania is truly unique and our initial research showed that staying LOCALLY  RELEVANT was critical to gaining buy-in from the engineers, developers, and municipal audiences we were trying to reach. We’ve worked very hard with dozens of committed partners to highlight successes and bring together the best resources out there–and CLEAN YOUR WATER is a great example of this collaborative effort.”

The Upstream Suburban Philadelphia Partners have William Penn Foundation funding to develop additional educational resources. We hope to see the expansion of this tool.


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