Moving Ahead on Wissahickon’s Act 167 Plan

On June 16 a public meeting was held in Whitemarsh Township to present the Wissahickon Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan. The plan was developed through  a collaboration among municipalities and other watershed  partners, the counties  of Philadelphia and Montgomery, and Temple University’s Center for Sustainable Communities. The meeting was attended by about two dozen residents, municipal officials, and professionals.

This watershed-wide plan includes a model stormwater ordinance guiding new development and redevelopment that must be adopted by the Wissahickon municipalities.  The plan also identifies problem areas and recommends stormwater control measures that will lead to improved watershed health.


Photo Courtesy of Dana Dobson

The report is publicly available here. For more additional information about the plan, there is a powerpoint overview.  Public comments were accepted until June 30, 2014. Comments will be evaluated in a formal response document within the next month.

Next steps include approval by Montgomery County and the City of Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Photo: Jeff Featherstone looking at a map

Photo Courtesy of Temple University Ambler

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