Villanova Municipal Workshop

The 2013 Pennsylvania Stormwater Symposium held at Villanova University included an October 16th Municipal Workshop Day.  The workshop was sponsored by the Temple-Villanova Sustainable Stormwater Initiative (TVSSI), with key support from the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and the workshop organizing committee.

The Workshop was attended by 150 representatives from municipalities, engineering and consulting firms, non-profits groups, government agencies, and utilities.  The theme of the Workshop was stormwater finance.

As municipalities address stormwater permit requirements and related flooding and watershed health issues, a chief concern they face is how to finance stormwater improvements projects and programs.  The workshop organizers recruited presenters from municipalities and stakeholder organizations to describe their experiences with stormwater fees, bonds, grants, and municipal collaboration. Of particular interest was the implementation strategy presented by Radnor Township officials Steve Norcini and Bill White on their recently approved stormwater abatement fee program.  Successful Upper Dublin Township efforts to raise funds via grants and a stormwater bond were explained by Township Manager Paul Leonard.

Related presentations included The steps, benefits, and pitfalls of creating a municipal stormwater authority (by Steve Hann and Helen Esbenshade) an MS4 program lessons learned report from Montgomery County, Maryland (by Craig Carson) and a PA DEP overview on State of Pennsylvania MS4 Permit requirements, interpretations, and expectations (by Jenifer Fields).

The Municipal Workshop agenda, presentations and video tapings are available for viewing.

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