Public Education and Outreach Brochures

Education and outreach on stormwater issues is a key factor in efforts to reduce runoff and improve water quality.  Municipal MS4 permits include “minimum control measures” (MCM’s) for public education and outreach (MCM 1) public involvement (MCM 2).  Recent MS4 permit updates require more targeted efforts to reach specific audiences to bring about behavior changes. Pennsylvania Environmental Council has collaborated with the Watershed Coalition of the Lehigh Valley on five educational brochures that target specific audiences and stormwater management improvements.  The brochures include:

  • Caring for your Streamside Property; There’s more to a stream than the stream itself (for streamside landowners including residents, businesses, and municipalities).
  • Naturalizing Your Yard; Improving your Yard’s Ecology while Saving Money (for residents).
  • Caring for your Wetlands (for residents, businesses, and municipalities who own or are responsible for wetlands).
  • How to Create a Meadow in Southeastern Pennsylvania; the Basics (for residential, business and municipal with land that can be converted from lawn to meadows).
  • Basin Retrofits; How to retrofit stormwater basins to reduce water volume and pollution (for businesses, homeowner associations, and municipalities)

Hardcopy and PDF versions of the brochures are available through Paul Racette of PEC at and 215-545-4570 ext. 112.

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